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Electronic Heart Rate Monitor

The Raddery Diskmark vet-gate heart rate monitoring system was developed to provide a transparent, consistent, and accurate method of measuring and publicly displaying the heart rate of a horse during the veterinary inspection of an endurance horse race.

How it works
A  horse  is  presented   to   the   veterinary

doctor in the vet gate. The sensor handle is placed on the left chest wall of the horse and the system activated.  The system analyses the electrical activity of the heart by measuring a sample of beats and displaying the average of that sample in a beats per minute format. A further sample is then analysed and the result displayed.     

The veterinary doctor maintains contact with the handle and horse for a prescribed period of time to obtain an assessment of the heart rate within the parameters for that particular race, usually 64 beats per minute.  Once satisfied that the heart rate is comfortably and consistently within the prescribed range in the specified time, the sensor handle is removed and the rate recorded. If the heart rate is outside the required values, if appropriate the horse is asked to represent within a period of time.


The system provides a totally objective method of accurately assessing the heart rate of every horse in an endurance race.  Each horse is assessed using exactly the same criteria with no scope for human error to affect the result.  The system is managed throughout the race by Raddery Diskmark technicians who provide a further third party unbiased validity to the process of openness.

The process of heart rate measurement becomes totally open with the information displayed to all spectators, crews and riders.  This enhances the spectator element within Endurance races as well as adding a further dimension to the competitiveness of the race.